David Smith St Ives Limited are committed to delivering a high standard of product that are sustainably sourced and meet industry design standards.

design standards

David Smith St Ives Limited is a founder member of the Truss Rafter Association (TRA) and is actively involved in the upkeep and introduction of standards. The TRA is a recognized source of specialist information about trussed rafters for specifiers, contractors and end users. A range of publications including the Technical Handbook Site Installation Guide, widely regarded as the industry 'bible' are produced. The TRA maintains close links with UK and European authorities to ensure that new standards are practical and are implemented across the industry.

David Smith St Ives Limited is founding member of the Timber Staircase Association (TSA). An association which was formed to give the UK Timber Staircase Manufacturers a consolidated voice to interact with and influence the various bodies with responsibility for setting standards and expectations from the industry. Now the TSA represents approximately 60% of the timber staircase production in the UK and have teamed up with the BWF to focus on one certification scheme across the Staircase Industry in the UK.

David Smith St Ives Limited are an accredited member of the British woodworking federation (BWF) Stair Scheme. The BWF Stair Scheme is the only accreditation and certification scheme of its kind in the UK. Ranging from domestic, common and fire protected common stairs, the standard expected of the manufacturers for their stairs is extremely high to ensure quality and safety. The scheme brings together like-minded manufacturers who are committed to driving up standards in timber stairs to make the industry more competitive against rival materials and increase market share.

David Smith St Ives Limited door and doorsets fire ratings are certified by International Fire Consultants LTD (IFC). Were full scale tests are carried out in accordance with the requirements of BS476:Part22:1987 and performed upon the guidance of BS ISO/TR 12470:1998. Whilst the acoustic rating achieved by our doors and doorsets are governed by the Sound Research Laboratories Limited (SRL) in accordance with BS2750 Part 3 1980, ISO 140/3.

From July 2013 it will be mandatory in the UK for building products to comply with CE Marking requirements when the current Construction Products Directive is replaced by the Construction Products Regulation. David Smith St Ives Limited will comply with these standards and all products will be marked to that effect.

David Smith St Ives Limited supply James Jones & Sons Ltd - JJI Joists. For more information regarding James Jones’ environmental and design standards please visit their website.


David Smith St Ives Limited uses FSC certified timber as it recognizes the importance of work carried out by the internationally recognized Forest Stewardship Council system towards the responsible management of the worlds forests.

We are an active member of the PEFC UK Ltd organization and have been granted certification to the PEFC TRADA-TRAK chain of custody scheme.


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