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We are one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of high performance architectural doorsets for commercial and high class residential applications. We have an excellent reputation for working in partnership with our customers, providing cost-effective solutions for the budget of each project. Our products are designed and manufactured in-house, combining the latest technology with the skills of craftsmen to produce doorsets that deliver outstanding levels of performance. Our continuous programme of product development keeps us ahead of our competitors and ensures that we meet today’s rigorous legislative requirements. Our attention to detail during design, our flexibility in manufacturing, and our dedication to delivering to programme, ensure a smooth installation.


We offer a range of door constructions that are evaluated to suit performance requirements, budget, and customer preference. All are of a solid core construction and can be used in a variety of configurations and sizes. They are proven under full-scale test to perform as fire-resistant doorsets and have achieved the maximum category of severe duty for durability.

Combining these cores with a comprehensive range of coloured finishes, timber veneer, high pressure laminate, PVC or metallic facings provides a wide range of options that can be tailored to suit each project.


Produced from a core of specifically engineered multi-layer particleboard, a material that provides exceptional properties for stable, high performance door leaves. FD30 and FD60 fire resistance, acoustic insulation up to Rw33dB as an unglazed door.


Constructed with timber stiles and rails and a core of particleboard sandwiched between substrates. This versatile construction offers great flexibility for unusual requirements and designs. FD30 and FD60 fire resistance, acoustic insulation up to Rw33dB as an unglazed door.


Manufactured using a core of laminated timber and faced with high density substrate, used for extreme durability requirements and higher levels of acoustics. FD30 and FD60 fire resistance, acoustic insulation up to Rw35dB as an unglazed door.


A highly engineered door core using thin strips of timber laminated together and faced with a high density substrate. Extremely durable and with the scope to provide larger and more onerous configurations. FD30 and FD60 fire resistance, acoustic insulation up to Rw35dB as an unglazed door.


Doors manufactured from solid timber components to produce traditionally crafted stile and rail, panelled and glazed doors. An extensive range of door designs, patterns and mouldings provide the customer with bespoke products that meet FD30 and FD60 fire resistance.

high performance doorsets

Highly engineered doorsets that take our more recognised ranges to the next levels of performance. Careful consideration has been taken with the designs and detailing to make sure that they complement and match all other doorsets in the DS ranges.


A very high performing, fire resisting range of doorsets manufactured from a mix of timber and non-combustible materials. The slender door thickness and timber appearance provides visual continuity with other products from David Smith St Ives Doorsets. The range is available in all configurations, achieving FD90 and FD120 fire resistance and Rw30dB acoustic insulation.


Our high performing acoustic range is engineered from a combination of different materials for the door leaves and frames. Used with specific frame and seal arrangements, these doorsets are designed for maximum acoustic performance whilst maintaining FD30 or FD60 fire resistance and achieving acoustic insulation up to Rw45dB.


From our long experience in the health sector we have developed a full range of lead-lined doorsets that provide protection from harmful radiation in areas where X-rays are used. The doorsets are lined with lead of a specified thickness from Code 3 to Code 7, as designated by the National Radiological Protection Board or the appointed advisor, achieving FD30 and FD60 fire resistance and acoustic insulation up to Rw36dB.


Our 50 years of experience within the construction industry have highlighted the importance of versatility and creativity. Working closely with our customers and their specific needs, we have been able to develop a wide range of special products and some bespoke features.


The facing material provides the main decorative finish to a door leaf but, with the addition of engraving or inserts, the aesthetics can be changed to something quite unique. With the use of CAD linked to sophisticated computer numeric controlled machinery, we can engrave pre-set or bespoke designs into the faces of door leaves. Using similar techniques we are also able to insert strips of coloured veneer or decorative metals to produce simple lines or geometric shapes.


The choice of glazing in door leaves is primarily based on the safety of all individuals negotiating access, including the requirements of Approved Document M and the DDA.

Although vision panels serve a genuine purpose, they become a prominent feature that can be used to enhance the appearance of door leaves. Our exclusive range of bead profiles, aperture configurations and materials provide customers with the means to create their own unique designs.


For all of our products, we use high quality timbers and veneers from environmentally certified forests around the world. This huge range of natural materials combined with coloured laminates, PVC and metal, are available to mix and match for the most unusual and individual concepts.

ancillary items


Screens tend to be a common feature within contract doorsets packages. Working alongside the major glass producers, we have developed a system of fire-rated and acoustic screens that are very adaptable in size, appearance and construction. They can be combined with any of our door and frame ranges and are produced from matching materials to provide uniformity throughout the design.


With our expertise in joinery, we can supply products and ancillary items that complement our doorsets. Our machining facilities also produce special trim, architrave, skirting, and window boards in softwood, hardwood, MDF or veneered MDF.

product certification

A combination of any of our products as doorsets, door kits or combination screens will give the assurance of compatible units which have been tested and assessed for fire resistance, smoke control, durability and acoustic performance. Our aim is to supply our customers with a complete and compliant package.

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