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glulam trusses


We offer a complete design package. We take your concept and then prepare detailed plans and our production department ensures your Glulam Product is delivered on time and to specification. We also cut all our straight beams to length and ensure prompt delivery. We have been involved in both small and large projects. Consulting with Architects, Project Managers and builders to ensure projects are finished on time and within budget. A core feature of the Glulam product is its inherent load bearing strength. This strength allows architects to design large wooden spans offering shapes and lines pleasing to the eye and of a tactile nature. The use of large spans creates open spaces which gives a sense of wellbeing and relaxation.

application suitability

Glulam products are an eco friendly alternative to concrete and steel, It’s durability is second to none, it is light and easy to handle, requires no boxing in or cladding and Glulam can be pre-cambered to counteract the effects of deflection in long spans. Glulam's competitive price makes it a clear choice for all types of construction.

Swimming Pools

The use of Glulam as the structure of a swimming pool building is widely accepted due to its excellent resistance to the heated, highly chemical environment encountered. Curved portals or straight beams are both popular and are not limited by size as 40 metre spans are fairly commonplace. Call us to discuss ideas on how we can create an unusual recreation area to suit your needs.


Pedestrian and light vehicular bridges are popular due to their environmentally friendly construction and aesthetic qualities. Blending into their rural surrounds make them ideally suited to golf courses, parks, wetlands and estates.


We have recently completed a two story spiral staircase that consisted of large treads and landings supported from a central circular core. Using Glulam offers a number of alternatives and finishes.

associated connections

We offer a full range of bespoke and standard galvanised mild steel connections and fixings to complete your frame or structure. Connections and fixings are generally concealed within the Glulam but can be produced in various forms to suit your aesthetic requirements.

staying green

We use Timber imported from European factories who practice environmentally friendly harvesting. We are committed to introduce third party assessed quality systems in their factories and are currently working to agreed European Standards. Each cubic meter of Glulam reduces CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by 2 tonnes.

Timber is the only truly sustainable constructional material. By virtue of modern forest management and certification tracing the timber back to properly managed forests, it is assured that sustainability is paramount in the choice of timber. Forestry practices make a significant contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions increasing the amount of carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere.

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