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Stanley Park High School

Category: doors & doorsets

For David Smith Limited the contract consisted of more than 470 doors designed for specialist classrooms, social areas, sensory rooms, an IT suite, a 210 seat performance theatre, a TV and radio recording studio, music rooms, a sports hall, a 70 student art space, a garage and an engineering facility. One of the key requirements was the impressively large fire resistant portal and corridor doors that were designed for clear access and utilization of circulation space. The colour coded portal doors, single acting with concealed closers, provide main access to each of the four separate schools from the central atrium.

A special feature was created with our Multilam frames. The frame components are produced from layers of timber, plywood or MDF, laminated together to form a rebated section, the outer layer forming a projecting periphery feature. These frames were used throughout the project to achieve a slim minimalist appearance around the doors to blend in with the contemporary architecture of the building.


Great Barford

Category: staircases

The brief from the client was to design a staircase that would maximize the light in the main hallway of the house. The architect had located the stair rising up against an external two-storey window, and David Smith St Ives Ltd were instructed to ensure that as little natural light be obstructed as possible. The materials specified by the client were a solid oak carcass with stainless steel balusters.

Working with the client and architect, David Smith St Ives Ltd decided on a style and final design for the staircase which seemed appropriate for the application. Below are the 3D renders created by David Smith St Ives Ltd in the design phase. They show the rare combination of strings running up the centre of the flights rather than the outside as is traditional, open rises and steel tubular balusters. The purpose of this combination was to create and open feel, while keeping the staircase structurally sound and compliant to regulations.

James Hall

Category: staircases

David Smith St Ives Ltd were called upon to design and manufacture a bespoke staircase for installation at James Hall, a modern new office complex in St Ives, Cambs that featured german beech handrails, treads and premium quality stainless steel strings and balustrade. The staircase design is highly innovative as it features a mixture of beech timber and polished stainless steel, portraying a contemporary style.

Commenting on the staircase, designer Mervyn Rossin said, “ As the staircase is the prominent feature within the reception area, we obviously wanted the design to be unique and striking, by working closely with the David Smith team we were able to achieve this”.

Once the design had been agreed David Smith St Ives Ltd used their 3D software to create virtual components. These components were then milled on the CNC milling machine to be assembled in the finished stair.

roof trusses

Forensic Unit

Category: roof trusses

A selection of drawings produced for a typical job.

jji joists

DCH Rochford

Category: jji joists

David Smith St Ives Limited were called upon to design and manufacture a demanding, multi pitched Green Roof System for a Disability Learning Centre in the heart of Rochford, Essex. Our customer was Duncan Cameron & Hutchinson Limited, the main contractor for the client EDPA (Essex Disabled People's Association). The roof consisted of 6 sections all with varying pitches and directions and was created using a 450mm deep JJI I-Joist supported on large Glulam Feature Beams. The brief stated that the building must blend in with its surrounds as well as possible which meant allowing additional loads for a ‘Green Roof.’


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