Engineered from a range of materials, we offer a broad selection of high-performing acoustic doors.

Designed for maximum acoustic performance up to Rw45dB while maintaining FD30 or FD60 fire resistance, our acoustic doors provide excellent sound insulation for a variety of environments.

Product features and specifications

Choice of material

With a broad range of materials, colours and styles for door leaves and frames, we offer acoustic doors to complement every building’s interior design.

Acoustic insulation

Delivering sound insulation up to Rw45dB, you can rest assured that once properly installed, our high-performing acoustic doors will meet your soundproofing needs.

Fire resistance

When used with specific frame and seal arrangements, our acoustic range also maintains FD30 or FD60 fire resistance for added protection.

Acoustic doors styles & ranges

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David Smith St Ives is one of our preferred suppliers. The products are always of the highest quality, and the deliveries always come exactly when they say they will.

Daryl Rogerson, Estimator, JDM Contracts

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