Perfect for new builds and major refurbishments, we install the Alumax integral finger guard from Safehinge on all our finger safe doors.

Around 30,000 children trap and seriously injure their fingers in doors across the UK every year. The Alumax finger guard designs out the problem of trapped fingers by using pivots and a rounded door edge to minimise the gap between door and frame.

Product features and specifications

Long-lasting solution

The Alumax integral finger guard removes the need for regular replacements, saving £500 to £1,000 per door over a 25-year period.

Reliably safe

With these integral finger guards, the hinge gap remains constant at 2mm – too small for fingers to get in harm’s way.

Blends seamlessly

The Alumax finger guard can blend seamlessly into any environment with its wide range of timber finishes and RAL colours.

Finger safe doors styles & ranges

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