Screens tend to be a common feature within doorset packages. Working with the major glass producers, we have developed a system of fire-rated and acoustic screens for our doorsets.

These are very adaptable in size, appearance and construction and can be combined with our door and frame ranges and are produced from matching materials to provide uniformity throughout the design.

Product features and specifications

Flexible supply options

It’s recommended that doorsets and screens are sourced from a single supplier to ensure the products are fully certified. We can supply these as an integral item or as separate components.

Choice of design

Horizontal and vertical members can also be added to many of our screen types to alter the appearance.

Timber upstand range

We offer a range of timber upstands which have also been developed for use as midrails in lieu of manifestations to break up large uninterrupted areas of transparent glazing.

Screens styles & ranges

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  • Screen frames

    We offer two types of screen frame, manufactured with matching timber beading splayed or square, sized to suit the application and temporarily fitted for transportation.

    Beads can be inset or span full width with the addition of a quirk.

    Got a question about screen frames? Speak to our team.

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