A balustrade has the power to completely change the look and feel of a staircase.

From contemporary glass and steel finishes, to traditional chamfered or turned timber spindles, we can offer a number of balustrade options for your staircase.

Product features and specifications

Choice of styles

From the clean, modern look of steel and glass to traditional turned timber, we’ll design a beautiful balustrade to fit your style.

Combining materials

With our balustrades, you’re not limited to a single material. We can combine different timbers, metal and glass, in painted or varnished finishes to create the look you desire.

Quality and safety

Our balustrades are designed to meet the highest modern quality and safety standards.

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Adam Ding

In five years, David Smith St Ives has gone from doing 40% of our work to 80% and has become one of our most relied upon suppliers.

Matthew Dunster, Materials Buyer, Matthew Homes

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