Our stunning open-riser staircases are available in a wide range of timbers from beautiful solid oak, through to walnut and ash.

Coupled with your choice of timber, glass or metal balustrades, an open-riser staircase will make a striking centrepiece to the home.

Find out how to customise your stairs with our range of balustrade options.

Product features and specifications

Bring in the light

Open-risers allow light to flow through the stairs, giving your home a light and bright feel.

Contemporary feel

A stylish, modern look is a key characteristic of open-riser stairs, bringing a contemporary edge to your home.

Ideal for open plan

Open-riser stairs are well suited to open floor plans, allowing a view through the stairs and providing useful extra space underneath.

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Adam Ding

We've worked with David Smith st Ives for a very long time. We need suppliers who can cope with our workload, and David Smith St Ives has plenty of capacity.

Kevin Dundas, Supply Chain Manager, Willmott Dixon

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