Attic trusses, also known as room in roof trusses, are designed to maximise the usable space in a roof.

They are fully assembled in our factory, and can be installed quickly, easily and safely once onsite. Our team of experts are on hand to give you technical and design advice on attic trusses, and can help you however complex your project may be.

Product features and specifications

More space

Attic trusses allow you to maximise floor space within the roof and get flexibility in room layout.

Consistent quality

With full assembly taking place in our factory, our attic trusses undergo strict quality control.

Quick installation

Onsite joinery work isn’t needed with our attic trusses, reducing costs and time onsite. 

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In five years, David Smith St Ives has gone from doing 40% of our work to 80% and has become one of our most relied upon suppliers.

Matthew Dunster, Materials Buyer, Matthew Homes

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